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Hi there! 
I'm Brynne Kennedy

A seasoned design leader with 12+ years experience based in Toronto. Passionate about crafting delightful solutions and fostering growth through a supportive approach.


Crafting Efficient Workflows

My Journey in Shaping Effective Product Design Processes and Cross-Functional Harmony


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Leading a Team in the Creation of a Suite of Spatial Experience Design Products

ARway 2022-Current

Coming Soon!


Innovating Online Furniture Shopping with Immersive Visualization

ARitize Decorator 2022


Guiding Transformation and a Team of Designers to Deliver a Feature-Rich Hybrid Solution

LIVEX 2021

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While my professional focus is on creating digital experiences, I'm also a hands-on creator at heart. Beyond my UX work, I find joy in exploring diverse creative outlets, from photography, to restoring antique furniture, to interior design. Here's a curated selection of my creative passions.

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Discover my retail design projects, where I blended creativity and functionality to create captivating store interiors and eye-catching storefronts that made shopping a memorable experience.

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Explore captivating portraiture from life drawing sessions featuring unique models. These moments celebrate individuality, creativity and beauty.

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