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Hello from Toronto!

I'm a Design Director currently  steering a talented design team at an AI & AR focused startup. I thrive on the excitement of collaboration and enjoy exploring fresh, innovative approaches to crafting experiences at the forefront of technology with my team.


I view my role as a passion-driven journey, exploring growth and creativity within my team and in the creation of innovative, delightful experiences. I believe in making technology more than functional — it should be a source of joy for users, a canvas for shared creativity.

In leading a design team, I prioritize:

Fostering an environment where ideas flow freely, encouraging openness to diverse perspectives.

Diversity & Inclusivity

Valuing and celebrating the unique strengths that diverse backgrounds bring to the creative process.


Embracing a culture of collaboration, where every team member's contribution is a vital brushstroke in our collective masterpiece.


Cultivating a workplace where laughter is a design tool, and a light-hearted atmosphere fuels our creative journey.

In this journey, I am committed to not only leading but also learning, growing, and crafting a future where design is a catalyst for innovation and joy.


My journey is a fusion of passion, creativity, and a love for witnessing my team members grow. Starting with a foundation in art and design, I evolved from creating art to studying sculpture, installation art, film and photography at OCAD U (Ontario College of Art and Design University). My roots in experiential design within retail spaces honed my knack for crafting immersive experiences in physical environments.

In my role as a display manager, I discovered the joy of coaching and mentoring—a passion that fuels my excitement for seeing designers flourish. Beginning in visual display, my innovative ideas, efficient implementation strategies, and passion for teamwork propelled me into a leadership role. This phase shaped my skills in creative direction, guiding, and mentoring new designers. Transitioning into UX was a natural evolution, bringing with me a wealth of skills that now contribute to my success as a product design leader.


Director of Product Design & Creative

May 2021 - Present

Nextech3D.AI (Formally Nextech AR Solutions)

ARitize3D, ToggleAI, ARway, MapD

Manager of Product Design

Nov 2020 - May 2021


Senior Product Designer

Mar 2020 - Nov 2020


Senior Product Designer

Oct 2019 - Mar 2020

Safyre Labs

Jewlr, Lee Fiori

Product Designer

Jan 2019 - Mar 2019

Tribal Worldwide (DDB) · Contract

Corporate Visual Director

Mar 2018 - Sept 2018

Joe Fresh

Corporate Visual Display Manager

Sept 2010 - Mar 2018

Sporting Life



Sr. VP Product Innovation, Nextech3D.AI

"Brynne's ability to dig deep into complex and delicate software environments and quickly solve very complex user experience problems is remarkable. She develops strong processes and sets standards to make work more efficient and to align or exceed the industry standard.

Her growth as a UX designer has been complimented by her growth as a leader. Thinking through challenges, doing the research, and always considering the end-user and the challenges and barriers that they will face. She extends her value by searching out features and functionality that may not yet be considered by a product team but are essential to the user’s experience and keep a product competitive.

Brynne is motivated to produce stable, robust, and extensible solutions and she does that efficiently, and consistently. Brynne owns her successes, and learns quickly from failures. She is committed to the team she’s working with and shows great leadership, and mentorship qualities as well."


UI Designer, Apply Digital

"I had the pleasure of working with Brynne on several design projects, and I can confidently say that she is one of the best directors I've ever had the privilege of working with. Not only is she an incredibly talented designer herself, but she also has a unique ability to bring out the best in her team members. Brynne's leadership style is both inspiring and motivational, and she has a way of making even the most challenging projects seem like a fun and exciting adventure.


Brynne's attention to detail and her ability to see the big picture are second to none. She has a keen eye for design and is always looking for ways to push the boundaries and create something truly unique. Her passion for design is infectious, and it's impossible not to get swept up in her enthusiasm. Brynne's collaborative approach ensures that everyone on her team feels valued and appreciated, which makes for a highly engaged and motivated group of designers.


In short, Brynne is a true gem in the world of product design. Her skills as a leader, mentor, and collaborator are unmatched, and any team would be lucky to have her at the helm."


Sr.Product Designer, Nextech3D.AI

"Her exceptional leadership goes beyond overseeing projects—Brynne stands out for her high empathy, personable nature, and unique ability to inspire her team to work harder and strive for excellence. With an innate talent for decision-making, she effortlessly oversees all products, demonstrating an unparalleled problem-solving ability. Brynne possesses remarkable creative direction and management skills, and her commitment to orienting and fostering the growth of team members is truly commendable. Working under Brynne was an invaluable experience, and I have no doubt that her passion, dedication, and leadership will continue to make a positive impact wherever she goes."


Lead Product Designer, RBC

"Brynne’s creative vision and managing prowess are truly remarkable. She consistently approached her work with a strategic leadership that steered both company and team towards a more customer-centric product mindset. Her vision spans across both UX and UI design, coupled with an impressive ability to bring her team together to collaboratively come up with elevated design solutions that resonate with end users and business stakeholders"


Product Designer, Boxhub

"She's an exceptionally empathetic leader and works hard to put her designers in positions to grow and thrive. She provides a tremendous amount of room for project ownership while still being effective in guiding and leading her teams into a unified, single design vision.

Brynne's greatest strength is her ability to lead multiple projects while being the sole voice for design in a leadership team. She vividly understands the impact of good design practices and strives to be the champion for design needs and priorities. In difficult and tense situations, she always makes sure to remain cool and patient when presenting her arguments, and endeavours to be empathetic and understanding for all sides when making difficult decisions."

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