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Live X

Guiding Transformation and a Team of Designers to Deliver a Feature-Rich Hybrid Solution

Nextech AR


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In a world where virtual events took center stage due to Covid-19, the need for a cutting-edge hybrid solution became paramount. Enter LiveX, a brainchild born of NextechAR's acquisition of Map Dynamics, a trusted platform for event mapping and hybrid gatherings. With LiveX, we embarked on a journey to redefine user experiences, enhance interfaces, and craft an all-encompassing, feature-rich platform that would seamlessly transition us into a post-pandemic era.


4 months 

Jan -May 2021



Responsive Hybrid Events Platform

& Companion App


Director of UX/UI

Creative Director



Visual Redesign

Heuristic Analysis

Research & Strategy 

Info Architecture 

UX Design of Features

Design System 

UI Design Improvements

Accessibility Improvements



Our voyage to redesign the Map Dynamics platform began with a deep dive into its inner workings and purpose. In close collaboration with my esteemed UI Designer, I embarked on an onboarding journey with the Map D team. Our mission: to unravel the platform's functionalities, understand its client base, and decode its user demographics.

What we unearthed was a platform primarily designed for crafting intricate floor plans and maps tailored to in-person events. Think trade shows, festivals, and exhibitions – that was Map Dynamics' realm. A remarkable feature? It offered a semi-self-serve experience, boasting a robust backend that empowered clients to create their own event magic.

Armed with insights, our Phase One game plan took shape. We kicked off by charting out a site map for the attendee-facing section of the web app, pinpointing specs and requirements. Our North Star? To breathe new life into the visual design, enhance accessibility, and sprinkle some UX magic onto the canvas.


With a firm grip on the Map Dynamics platform and its audience, it was time to infuse creativity into our redesign journey. Leveraging my prior experience in designing for the Inferno Platform, I shared invaluable research and documentation with my lead UI designer to streamline our process. Armed with insights into the events space and the unique platform intricacies, we were ready to embark on a visual adventure.

Our first stop? Mood boards. Tasking my talented designer with their creation, we explored various visual directions. After an inspiring selection, we set our sights on crafting a captivating welcome page – the portal through which attendees would step into this transformed world. But this was no ordinary task.

I encouraged deep dives into visual research, pointing out current and upcoming design trends to fuel our imagination. Given our AR-centric landscape, we ventured into the realm of 3D visuals, aiming to push boundaries. Customizability held the reins in our design journey, with backgrounds and branding as our canvas.

Crafting a Refined Vision: From Mockups to Transformation

Once the stakeholders were introduced to our refined welcome page mockups, it was time to embark on a journey of transformation. With a clear design direction in our sights, we honed in on elevating both the visual aesthetics and user experience.

Our chosen path was to apply this newfound style across the entire platform. This wasn't a mere facelift; it was a profound metamorphosis. Through a meticulous page-by-page redesign process, we left no stone unturned, making substantial enhancements to the user interface and experience.

Remarkably, despite the ticking clock of a one-month timeline, we managed to forge a new branding identity and design system. These would serve as the bedrock for the exciting phases yet to come.

Below, behold the fruits of our labor – the revitalized screens of Map Dynamics, marking the successful completion of Phase One.

PHASE TWO: The Grand Transformation of Map Dynamics​

Expanding Horizons to Forge a Hybrid Marvel 

Following the triumphant redesign of Map Dynamics, the leadership team couldn't help but marvel at the potential it held. In the span of just two months, we set out to supercharge it into a dazzling hybrid event platform. The challenge was set, and we were ready to seize it.

To embark on this ambitious journey, I rallied all six of our talented designers. The mission: to sculpt multiple features that would propel the platform into the digital events arena. The vision was crystal clear – to craft a comprehensive, infinitely customizable solution capable of accommodating diverse event types and audiences, be they in-person or virtual.



Our quest to enhance Map Dynamics into a digital and hybrid marvel began with rigorous internal workshops, focus groups, and enlightening client interviews. These collaborative efforts enabled us to pinpoint the essential features and requirements for implementation, all within a 60-day window. While the list is far from exhaustive, here's a glimpse of some key upgrades that reshaped the platform's destiny.

Ticketing, Registration and Global Account

Attendee's, presenters, event managers needed to buy and register to attend and enter the event

Interactive Networking Lounge

Attendees needed to be able to join virtual and engaging networking lounges

 Interactive Floor Plan

Attendees needed a visual of the floor plan to view and access booths while at the physical event


Attendees and Exhibiters needed to be notified about various time related items like presentations, availability in the networking lounges, network connections


Attendees needed to be able to view products and companies

 Auditoriums & Q&A 

Attendee's needed a live and prerecorded area where they could ask questions, answer polls, and give feedback ratings

 Exhibition Hall & 3D Booths

This is where attendees could access all the exhibitor booths to view and enter

 Leaderboard & Gamification

To add excitement and fun we added a leaderboard, challenges and easter eggs clients could add throughout their event


Attendees needed to be able to view the schedule, presenters, view associated content, and sign up

Mobile App 

A mobile app would allow for many more features that could not be access through the website


Navigating theTransformation Journey

The journey to transform Map Dynamics into a hybrid powerhouse was no small endeavor. It required a tightly knit team effort, close collaboration, and meticulous planning. Here's a glimpse into how we orchestrated this monumental transformation: I personally spearheaded this mission, armed with insights gathered from client interviews, focus groups, and invaluable feedback. It was essential to ensure that every member of our design team had a crystal-clear understanding of the path ahead.

Each designer was assigned specific areas of research to delve into, allowing us to explore and innovate with purpose. Throughout this process, I provided guidance and mentorship, conducting numerous design reviews to fine-tune our vision.

As each feature took shape, we proudly presented our creations to stakeholders and the development team. Their feedback was instrumental in refining our work and ensuring seamless handoffs.

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