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This is a small collection of storefront windows and interior visual display projects that I led a team of 13 designers to implement over the years. Each window theme was constructed at 11 stores in 85 windows across Canada every 5 weeks. During the 7 years that I was a visual manager, we implemented approximately 83 different window concepts.


The process of window design consists of having a great understanding of business goals and turning them into creative concepts that engage and surprise customers. Visual display begins with concept creation, inspiration research, graphic design, prop construction & sourcing, fashion styling, logistics, travel and hands on construction. This work and process significantly contributed to my success as a product designer.  We were essentially designing the UX in a physical space.

Image by Fernanda Garcia
Spring ski
back to school
tech ski calgary
spring floral
woodland wonderland
bottle tree
spring flowers
Vintage tennis display
yurt display
christmas yorkdale
Fall Favourites Joe Fresh
Sprink ski yonge street
insta school
woodland christmas
Lapland Lux
Hot summer
Sprink ski details
fall wonderland
Fall Barn
BTS Joe Fresh
Joe Fresh Sale
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